Togo Mobile Network Ranked Top Mobile Internet Providers in West Africa

Togo wins top performance

(Togo First) – Moov Africa Togo (MAT) and Togo Cellulaire (TGC) were the WAEMU’s top two mobile internet service providers in 2023. The Togolese telecom watchdog, ARCEP, confirmed this on May 6.

Leading the UEMOA Region

“Both operators’ internet connection performances rank them at the top two positions in the region according to the nPerf score,” ARCEP noted, citing an analysis of 128 mobile operators worldwide, including 49 in Africa and 16 in the UEMOA region.

MAT and TGC were respectively first and second in the WAEMU (out of 16 mobile operators). They had the best download speeds across the region-31.6 Mbps and 27.8 Mbps, respectively, outperforming their rivals including Moov Africa Benin (23.1 Mbps), Orange Senegal (20.4 Mbps), Orange Côte d’Ivoire (19 Mbps), and Telecel Burkina Faso. (3 Mbps).

Despite their outstanding performance MAT and TGC were far from others like Orange Morocco and EMTEL in Mauritius. “Outside of Africa, MAT and TGC have performance levels well below those of many operators in the European region, which, for example, exhibit download speeds significantly exceeding 100 Mbps, three times faster than the best operator in Togo,” ARCEP noted.

Moving Forward

ARCEP commended MAT and TGC for their download speeds and video streaming performance but highlighted areas for improvement in web browsing, upload speeds, and latency.

The regulator “acknowledges the performance of MAT and TGC in download speeds and video streaming as well as the high ranking of MAT and TGC at the UEMOA level,” while underscoring that “the quality of experience is much less satisfactory for web browsing, upload speeds, and latency”. It thus calls on both operators to “embed this new momentum in a perspective of continuous improvement” to comply with regulatory quality of service requirements and get close to top performers in Africa and worldwide.

Note to editors : The nPerf Award determines the best Internet service providers’ and mobile network providers’ performances in a country over the previous year.

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