GKSD (Grupo San donato) has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the Scanmed group through the subsidiary American Heart of Poland (Ahop).

Photo – Marcin Bruszewski – Investment and Development Director / Member of the Management Board
, Francesco Galli – Vice President GKSD Healthcare M&C,
Kamel Ghribi – President of GKSD Investment Holding Group,
Masroor Haq – Global Head of Strategic Investments at GKSD Investment Holding and 
Adam Szlachta – President of the Management Board and Financial Director Grupa American Heart of Poland (part of Gruppo San Donato)

San Donato Group (GSD), which with GKSD has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the Scanmed group through the subsidiary American Heart of Poland (Ahop). GSD does not go into the financial details of the agreement, but according to what Adnkronos Salute has learned, the investment would be around 400 million euros.

GSD, leader of private healthcare in Italy, is thus enriched with 39 structures including 4 hospitals, 13 cardiology departments of public hospitals managed in public-private partnership (PPP) and an outpatient specialist care network. Thanks to the operation, the group consolidates its positioning in Poland and confirms its drive towards internationalisation. At an aggregate level – a note indicates – the turnover will reach approximately 2.5 billion euros, the number of beds will rise overall to 8,260 and the patients will be over 5.5 million. Last August the San Donato Group announced the acquisition of a majority share in American Hearth of Poland, a company specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases. By virtue of the contracts with the Polish National Health Fund – the note recalls – every year Ahop guarantees over 200 thousand patients access to high quality medical procedures. Its facilities annually carry out 66,100 hospitalizations related to coronary heart procedures, rhythm and conduction disorders and heart failure. 25 years after its foundation, also thanks to its entry into GSD, Ahop has strengthened its development strategy both through organic growth and, today, with the acquisition of Scanmed. Thanks to this operation, it considerably expands the volume of activities in the Polish public healthcare sector, offering medical care to over 500 thousand patients per year throughout the country.

The Scanmed group is a leading operator in the healthcare sector and with its 39 offices it takes care of over 300 thousand patients a year throughout Poland. Its activities include primary care, outpatient specialty care and inpatient treatment. With PPP contracts Scanmed manages a network of public cardiology operating units located in 8 regions and some hospitals specialized in gastroenterology, ophthalmology and orthopaedics. Hospital operations are complemented by medical centers that offer patients access to advanced diagnostic care and specialized outpatient care.

American Heart of Poland was supported in the Scanmed transaction by financial advisors BNP Paribas, PwC and GKSD Advisory, while Rymarz Zdort Maruta provided legal advice.

“We are convinced that with the support of the San Donato Group and Gksd, in the development of the medical infrastructure, in the university training of personnel and in the promotion of scientific research in support of the development of the American Heart of Poland, Poland will confirm itself as an even more leader in field of medical innovations in Central and Eastern Europe,” says Kamel Ghribi, President of GKSD Investment Holding, Vice President of GSD and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahop. “For the next few years – he adds – GSD and GKSD have already planned an investment program of over 300 million euros to improve the quality of medical services available in the public healthcare system in Poland”.

“We are pleased to further expand our commitment in Poland – states Paolo Rotelli, president of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan and vice president of GSD – and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate from an educational and scientific point of view with our university. Poland is one of the most active European countries in development and our university intends to expand further through collaboration with the American Heart of Poland.”

Adam Szlachta, CEO of Ahop and financial director, comments: “A medicine of the highest quality, widely accessible and guaranteed by the National Health Fund, represents the future of the public health system in Poland and American Heart of Poland, today even more so with Scanmed, feels an integrated and fundamental partner of this system”.

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